Sold Archive of Irene Rice Pereira (1902-1971)
Irene Rice Pereira, Geometric Composition
Geometric Composition (1956)
Casein Tempera
7" x 5"
Irene Rice Pereira, Untitled Abstraction
Untitled Abstraction (c.1938-39)
Oil and mixed media on fiberboard
17" x 21"
Irene Rice Pereira, Celestial Pole
Celestial Pole
Oil on canvas
34" x 28"
Irene Rice Pereira, Untitled Triangles
Untitled (triangles)
Oil on canvas
36" x 30"
Irene Rice Pereira, White Squares
White Squares (a pair)
Oil on paper
15" x 10"
Irene Rice Pereira, Red Squares
Red Squares (a pair)
Oil on paper
15" x 10"
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