Gallery Services

The Caldwell Gallery offers a comprehensive range of professional art services. At the foundation of these services is a respect for the custodial responsibilities inherent in the ownership of fine art. We work closely with beginning as well as advanced collectors, and tailor our services to each collector’s specific needs. General information and consultations are offered free of charge. All client relationships are strictly confidential.
Collection Manangement Services
• Assistance in starting a collection
• Advice in selecting fine art for purchase
• Global art search for specific client wants
• Assistance in the sale of fine art through outright purchase, consignment, or brokerage
• Working with client’s trustees, executors, and estate lawyers regarding art asset planning issues
Appraisal Services
• Appraisals for insurance, donation, and estate purposes
• Expertise in a wide range of fine art, furniture, and decorative object categories
• Photographic or video documentation of collections
Information Services
• Advice regarding conservation
• Advice regarding framing
• Advice regarding collection insurance
• Advice regarding the care and handling of fine art
• Advice regarding security and theft prevention
Research Services
• Historical research regarding fine art, furniture, and decorative objects
• Market research regarding fine art, furniture, and decorative objects
Liaison Services
• To the auction marketplace
• To the trade