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Women Artists

Since our founding in 1973 we've focused on quality, independent of an artist's gender. Women artists have struggled historically to achieve the same level of exhibition opportunities, critical and collector recognition, and pricing when compared to their male peers. In the last decade this inequality gap has narrowed considerably. Our gallery has placed important works by artists such as Agnes Pelton, Irene Rice Pereira, and Dorothy Dehner in major museums including the MFA Boston and the Philadelphia Museum of Art in recent years. Please let us know if there are other female artists whose works you are seeking.

Ruth Anderson oil painting entitled "Fish Market, Bruges"

Ruth Anderson
Fish Market, Bruges
Oil on wood panel, 10 5/8" x 8 1/4"

Anni von Baldaugh oil painting entitled "Southern California Foothills".

Anni von Baldaugh
Southern California Foothills (c.1930)
Oil on canvas, 24" x 30"

Virginia Banks oil painting titled "Basket of Line and Bait" from 1949.

Virginia Banks
Basket of Line and Bait (1949)
Oil on canvas, 22" x 28"

Nell Blaine oil painting "Bouquet of Peonies and Empire Lily".

Nell Blaine
Bouquet with Peonies and Empire Lily (1973)
Oil on canvas, 28" x 22" 

Arna Brittin oil painting "The Silk Hat".

Arna Brittin
The Silk Hat (c.1927)
Oil on canvas, 30" x 22"

Martha Cahoon oil painting entitled "Quiet Bay with Boats and Lighthouse in Distance".

Martha Cahoon
Quiet Bay with Boats and Lighthouse in Distance
Oil on board, 18" x 25"

Watercolor of hyacinth by Jessie Bone Charman.

Jessie Bone Charman
Hyacinth (c.1930)
Watercolor on paper, 14" x 10 3/4"

Gouache painting by Eleanor Parke Custis entitled "At the Dry Dock Gloucester".

Eleanor Parke Custis
At the Dry Dock, Gloucester, MA (c.1924)
Gouache on paper, 12" x 14"

Oil still life by Eleanor De Laittre.

Eleanor De Laittre
Still Life (1950)
Oil on canvas, 10" x 33"

April Gornik's painting "Moon Bay".

April Gornik
Moon Bay (1996)
Oil on linen, 72" x 96"

Untitled watercolor by Annemarie Graupner.

Annemarie Graupner
Watercolor and gold leaf on paper, 5 1/2" x 3 3/4"

Bronze sculpture of Mongolian Dancer by Malvina Hoffman.

Malvina Hoffman
Mongolian Dancer
Bronze, 20 1/4" x 15" x 6 3/8"

Oil painting of waterfall by Helen F. Kramer.

Helen F. Kramer
Waterfall (c.1955)
Oil on canvas, 24" x 15"

Still life oil painting by Nancy Kupferman.

Nancy Kupferman
Still Life
Oil on canvas, 50" x 31"

Miriam Laufer Our Lady of the Flowers (1965) MLP045 Oil and collage on 3-panel folding screen, 60" x 60" ​Text from Jean Genet

Miriam Laufer
Our Lady of the Flowers (1965)
Oil and collage on 3-panel folding screen, 60" x 60"
​Text from Jean Genet

Miriam Laufer Mainly Orange (c.1967) MLP033 Oil on canvas, 50" x 40"

Miriam Laufer
Mainly Orange (c.1967)
Oil on canvas, 50" x 40"

Miriam Laufer Untitled (1961) MLP005 Oil on canvas, 40" x 50"

Miriam Laufer
Untitled (1961)
Oil on canvas, 40" x 50"

Yulla Lipchitz bronze entitled "The Dance".

Yulla Lipchitz
The Dance (c.1973-78)
Bronze, 21 1/2" x 19" x 12 1/2"

Yulla Lipchitz bronze entitled "Snake & Bird".

Yulla Lipchitz
Snake & Bird (c.1973-78)
Bronze, 22" x 11" x 7"

Oil painting of lace curtains by Jenne Magafan.

Jenne Magafan
Lace Curtain (c.1945)
Oil on canvas, 30" x 19"

Oil painting of west Virginia hills by M. Inez McCurdy.

M. Inez McCurdy
West Virginia Hills (1930)
Oil on canvas, 26" x 20"

Sally Michel painting entitled "Winding Stream".

Sally Michel
Winding Stream (1974)
Oil on canvas, 35" x 48"

Sally Michel painting entitled "Chess Game".

Sally Michel
Chess Game (1978)
Oil on canvas, 42" x 50"

Collage entitled "Pyromaniac's Pyre" by Mary Spencer Nay.

Mary Spencer Nay
Pyromaniac's Pyre (1974)
Collage of oil, wood, burnt fabric, and rubber on canvas laid on wood, 23 1/4" x 31 1/2"

Pauline Palmer painting entitled "The Clipper, Provincetown".

Pauline Palmer
The Clipper, Provincetown (c.1930)
Oil on canvas, 20" x 24"

Irene Rice Pereira oil painting titled "Masts."

Irene Rice Pereira
Masts (c.1934)
Oil on canvas, 28" x 34"

Jane Peterson oil painting entitled "A Busy Corner - Tunis".

Jane Peterson
A Busy Corner Tunis (c.1910)
Oil on canvas, 24" x 18"

Watercolor by Jane Peterson entitled "Irises and Weigela in Blue Vase".

Jane Peterson
Irises & Weigela in Blue Vase
Watercolor on paper, 16" x 12"

Oil painting entitled "Aldwych" by Deborah Remington.

Deborah Remington
Aldwych (1973)
Oil on canvas, 56" x 52"
Signed and dated lower right and verso

Oil painting by Deborah Remington entitled "Trent".

Deborah Remington
Trent (1973)
Oil on canvas, 78" x 74"

Oil painting by Kay Sage entitled "White Silence".

Kay Sage
White Silence (1941)
Oil on canvas, 12 3/4" x 10"

Painting by Beatrice Wose Smith entitled "Reflections of Crete".

Beatrice Wose Smith
Reflections of Crete (c.1938)
Oil on masonite, 42" x 21"

Elain Wesley oil painting marked #115.

Elaine Wesley
#115 Untitled
Oil on canvas, 30 3/4" x 24"

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