Levi Wells Prentice


Levi Wells Prentice grew up on a farm in Lewis County, NY. He opened his first studio as a landscape painter in Syracuse, NY in 1875. By 1872, Prentice has traveled through the Adirondack Mountains, painting the views as well as the surrounding region. He moved briefly to Brooklyn, where he began painting still lifes, focusing on fruit, usually apples and plums, piled high in pots or in natural settings. Prentice moved around from 1903-07 before setting in Philadelphia. He was a craftsman who enjoyed making his own brushes, palettes and frames. Prentice placed an emphasis on dark outlining with a concern for textual precision. However, his work did not gain much recognition with historians until the 1970s. Prentice was a member of the Brooklyn Art Association. He died in 1935.