Maurice Prendergast


Maurice Prendergast based his artistic studied in Paris at the Acadamie Julian from 1887-89 and the Acadamie Colarossi from 18991-95. His second trip to Paris was financed by him and his brother Charles, who constantly contributed to Maurice's artist endeavors. The two worked for four years to enable Maurice to continue his studies. The three years of study spent at Acadamie Colarossi brought to his work a Neo-Impressionism influence. Later in 1898, while in Europe, Prendergast was inspired by Italian Renaissance work and began to produce complicated compositions with a mosaic, tapestry-style compression of perspective and scale. Prendergast was a Modernist best known for his lively beach and park scenes done in bold contour forms with decorative patterning and bright color. He was the most internationally known member of The Eight. Prendergast exhibited in the 1913 Armory Show and was criticized for his radical intentions, mostly associated with The Eight.