Collecting Tips

"Great collections happen over time, not overnight."

Joe Caldwell

• Top collectors follow their passion. They buy what they love and ignore trends or fashion.

Look at lots and lots of art, then look even more. Visit museums, galleries, auctions and art fairs. Learn to discern what is good, better, and best. Most importantly, listen to which art speaks to you.

Study from art books, and internet art resources that pertain to the artists, styles, periods, and schools of art you like.

• Buy only from reputable sources. When purchasing a work, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. Request a written guarantee from the seller for every purchase.

• Establish a budget and buy within your means. Better to purchase one great thing, than ten minor things. Don’t buy for investment, buy for love while demanding value.

Subscribe to art magazines that focus on your areas of interest.

Meet other collectors. Many museums have focused collector groups to join.

Art tours are a wonderful way to combine travel with the opportunity to learn more about art.