Lilla Perry


Lilla Perry was a poet and painter who grew up with a wealthy Boston family. She did not begin to seriously study art until the age of 30 when she attended Cowles Art School (1885-88). She also traveled to Paris to study at the Acadamie Julian and Acadamie Colarossi. Perry is regarded as the ambassador of Impressionism, introducing Boston painters to work being done in Giverny. She also lived next door to Monet in Giverny and worked tirelessly to promote his work. Perry's article "Reminiscences of Claude Monet from 1889-1909" may be the most accurate account of the plein-air method used by the Impressionists. Her promotion of this movement encouraged many American patrons to purchase important works. In 1898, Perry traveled to Japan with her husband, who had a teaching position there. Upon their return to the States, Perry worked at Fenway Studios until her death in 1933. She became known for her direct application of paint on canvas, without preliminary sketches. Perry also published four volumes of poetry from 1886-1923.