Willard Leroy Metcalf


Willard Leroy Metcalf was an American Impressionist born in 1858. He attended Massachusetts Normal Art School in 1874, the Boston Museum of Fine Art School from 1876-79 and received a scholarship to study at Acadamie Julian from 1883 to 1889. Metcalf painted primarily landscapes and was an active member of "The Ten". He worked as an illustrator for 22 years, beginning in 1880 and received an important commission for Century Magazine to depict the Zuni Indians. The sale of this work allowed Metcalf to travel to Europe where he painted much of rural France. Metcalf first exhibited with "The Ten" in 1903; the same year which he visited The Colony at Old Lyme, CN. This was a pivotal year for Metcalf and a definitive change in his artwork can be noticed. His largely seasonal landscapes were now infused with heightened color and luminosity applied in broken brushwork. Metcalf started using Impressionistic techniques when he portrayed a specific place with atmospheric conditions. Metcalf died in 1925.