Daniel Garber


Daniel Garber, born in 1880, was an extensively trained artist working in the New Hope School style. Beginning his studies at the Art Academy of Cincinati from 1897-98, Garber proceeded to the Pensylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1899 to 1905 under Thomas Anshcutz. Garber also attended the Darby School in Fort Washington PA. Garber established his studio in Philidelphia in 1901 and worked as an illustrator and commercial painter while atteneding night courses at PAFA. Garber became well known for his decorative, tapesry-like landscapes. His intricate brushwork revealed panoramic views and Buck county quarries, where the New Hope School was based. Garber bathes his scenes in exquiste light. While teaching at the Philidelphia School of Design for Women, Garber was awarded the Cresson Fellowship to study abroad. He traveled through England, France and Italy. Garber was quite influential on many younger artists, inspiring geometrical harmony.