Frederick Frieseke


Frederick Frieseke was born in 1874. Although he preferred to call himself a self taught artist he did study at the Art Students League, Academie Julian and at the Modern Gallery in Munich. He also studied under Whistler in Paris for a brief time. Frieske was a leading American Impressionist who moved to France in 1898 and stayed until his death. In 1906 he moved to Giverny, becoming neighbors with Monet who inspired a richer color spectrum. Frieseke's work from this time has attributes of Monet but subjectively is more similar to Renoir's voluptuous female nudes. His paintings display unified composition with a dominant color, such as "Memories" (1915). A lavender hue seems to permeate every other color. Frieseke also placed strong emphasis on linear decoration. Frieseke was named Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in France. His relative anonymity today is due to the prettiness and sentimentality of his work. He died in 1939 in France.