About Us

 Jay Caldwell and Joe Caldwell
Established in 1973, The Caldwell Gallery is known as a firm capable of delivering the highest quality fine art, at any budget level, for both beginning and seasoned collectors. Our passion for bringing extraordinary artworks into the lives of our clients is achieved with the highest level of expertise and discretion. Our firm’s success can be seen on the walls of private homes, museums, and corporations throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.
We take the custodial responsibilities inherent in the ownership of fine art seriously. Every artwork we handle is backed by our ongoing commitment to both the work – and its new custodian. In testament to this business philosophy, many of our client relationships are now in their fourth decade.
A Quiet Source for the Connoisseur
The way we do business is, at its core, very different from most of our competitors. We tailor our firm’s expert capabilities to each client’s unique needs, tastes, and budget. The results we achieve on our clients behalf are the hallmarks of our success. Please let us know if we can assist with your collecting journey or if you would like to explore the sale of a precious family heirloom. We welcome your inquiry.
Our Privacy Policy
The Caldwell Gallery agrees to hold all client information in the strictest confidence. We will not share or sell your information to any outside organization. Any information we receive is used solely to communicate with clients and improve our website for your use.